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‘Ooh, is it just gone four o’clock already and we’ve still not had a Cher and Tina Turner sing-song (even if it’s not quite the one we wanted)?’

Leggy leggy lindas

And today, just because we j’adore them and hard, we will be mostly sing-songing along to this by Tina Turner and Cher (it’s like they don’t know what their own legs are going to do next), even though we’d prefer to be sing-songing along to them doing ‘Shame, Shame, Shame’ but some bugger’s disabled the embedding thing. Still, this is good (and you can always YouTube them and find the other one, innit?). After the jump…  (more…)

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Fag Hag Diary

Geld off, bitch! Friday

I’m coming up so for heaven’s sake get this party started, my darlings.

And the reason the Fag Hag’s come over all celebratory? Because London is finally to be rid of that pesky malignant tumour on our Soho streets – Peaches Geldof.

‘Peaches is very excited to be heading over to study at NYU,’ said a man walking past a travel agent in Wood Green with a USA for £299 advert in the window.

Excited to be studying at NYU? Oh, sorry, my mistake, that should actually read, ‘sulkily grateful to her dad who has pulled a favour by agreeing to open the NYU Bob Geldof Centre for Research into Hatred of Mondays’… (more…)

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Separated on the way to the Waitrose checkout (well, one of ’em, at least), via Woolworths for an inflatable ring…

Don't call me Al.


There we were, idly minding our own of a Friday afternoon, which is more than can be said of a few others (you know who you are. Get. Off) when we happened across a picture of Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael. We’re not bothering keeping up with the whole Lohan clan business – except the lezza bit which we find excitement ’cause we love a bit o’ lezza – and we did see a bit of that show with the Lohan mother and sister (eugh. Seriously, eugh. We had to wetwipe apres and everything), so we weren’t actually aware Lindsay had a father, though we did suspect. Anyway, when we saw the picture of the father, we thought, ‘Hold on one cotton-pickin’ momento, he brings to mind not one, but two other famouses…’ Hence that lovely menage a trois famouses up there.

So, in a nutty shell, we think Michael Barrymore (top right) is the spit (he wishes) of Michael Lohan (top left), who in turn looks a bit (possibly clutching at Wagamama chopsticks here) like Al Pacino. Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!

There endeth today’s lesson.


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Your Friday morning pants shot. Just for being you.

And hello....

There is no story except that here are some nice pictures of a man in pants. And a man who should be in his pants.

Thank you for your custom. Now go over the jump for more and a link to the full set… (more…)

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David Duchovny’s in rehab for sex addiction *sigh*

Get off me!

Not with the lady on the right. That would be called ‘infidelity’. ‘Cause that’s Gillian Anderson. And David Duchovny’s married to Tea Maria Leoni.

Now we’ve got that clear, let’s have a heated debate…

David Duchovny likes touching front bottoms (we assume with his wife, but we could be wrong) a little too much, and it’s become a ‘problem’. So much so, he’s entered a correctional facility or whatever it is they call them in Americalandi-doodle-dand, and has this to say on the matter:

‘I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction. I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.’

Frankly, if Daddy’s got a sex addition, we don’t want nuffink to do with it.

Ooh but fun fact, sex addiction-watchers – David Duchovny’s 48. Yes, 48.

A thought: Ironic, considering his telly-box show, Californication. In which he plays a sex addict. Life immitating art immitating life immitating quite useful press immitating art immitating life.

Another thought: If he needs an outlet/somewhere to practice, we’re generally easy to find.

Final thought: Remember Red Shoe Diaries? Night after night we waited for him to get involved… Maybe that’s where the situation stems from? Hmmmn, intrigue.

Now let’s look at David Duchovny in his pants… and also in a wetsuit. (more…)

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Madonna to launch hair care range.

Mmmm, where'd you get that hair?

Madonna’s to launch her own hair care range.  

This news – that Madonna is to launch her own hair care range. As reported in Star magazine – has been met by the usual hackneyed derision across the interdolly, mostly by those who just don’t like Madonna but the best they can do is be rude about her age (you know who you are).

The woman’s 50. She looks fucking good. We’d like said losers to take a look at their momma when she was 50. Didn’t think so. And we don’t give a flying fuck whether she’s had a bungee jump tied to the back of her head and had the slack cut off, or spent the entire GDP of Africa on magical-mystery potions to give her that silky-shiny alpha-hydroxy-ed look a whole load of dolly gays seem to spend their lives trying to achieve – it’s her money, she can do what the hell she likes with it. Including giving some to us (otherwise those poor children won’t get anything).

And if anyone mentions the fucking hands……! Besides, we’re over Tresemmé.

Rant? Finit.

*oooh, cock…*

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Fag Hag Diary

Gimme some of that Bubble action Thursday

The Fag Hag is feeling all fabulously cougar-ish after getting a dose of the love from Tony Bubbles.

Who, I hear you cryeth, is Tony Bubbles when he’s at hometh? He is of course the Fag Hag’s vehicular sanitation technician. In other words, he done clean that car good and proper.

Tony Bubbles is 6’4″, black, totally fly with a heartbreaker smile and has probably been inside more women than Tampax Inc. If you are a lady with a growler and you take your car in for some suds action with Tony Bubbles, I can guarantee he will try and rub front bums with you. 

‘You and me, babeeee. Come on! It’d be beautiful,’ he said one time. ‘Go on, please! Just once,’ he negotiated the time after that… (more…)

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‘Ooh, is it that time of day already and we’ve still not had a Strictly Cometh Dancing sing-song special spectacular?’

Love is in your hair

And lest we forget where the whole Strictly Cometh Dancing thing came from (well, the ‘Strictly’ bit of it), we will today mostly be sing-songing along to ‘Love is in the Air’ by John Paul Young (dodgy teeth!) from the movie Strictly Ballroom featuring the divoooon Adam Garcia. After the jump…  (more…)

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