Daniel Craig to play classical bummer. Hooray!

Kiss him!

Somebody, somewhere, very high up in films, has been reading our dream diaries. And it turns out the particular fantasy they are going to put into production is the one where Daniel Craig not only gets into Roman gear but also bums gentlemen. From behind.

The film is about Hadrian (Roman Emperor, subject of a smash-hit British Museum exhibition, bisexual, wall-builder, hottie), who, when his male lover died, actually set up a religion so that everyone could worship him. A bit like the religion we’ve set up so everyone can worship Danny himself.

It’s going to be directed by John Boorman (good sign: he did Excalibur where men were made to take their clothes off) and will be shot in Rome, Spain and Morocco.

*goes off to have premature white wee* 

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3 comments to “Daniel Craig to play classical bummer. Hooray!”

  1. But will we actually see it going in?

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  2. Let’s hope so Pilar

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  3. I do like his profile. The one on the right I mean.

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