Reason why we j’adore J’ordan #103729465937

Don't mention Kelly Brook either So you know that polo match we mentioned the other day? The one where those bummable sorts were frolicking in nought but ickle baby blue socks. Yes? Well it turns out that our beloved Jordan / Katie Price was refused entry from said event for not being ‘the type’ they wanted there – despite the fact she’d already laid out the £6,000 for a ticket!

And who are the ‘type’ they want to attract? Dita Von Teese? Yes because she’s not famous for cavorting sans clothes is she? Bunch of ‘tards.

In a piece Katie wrote (or possibly shouted while a mousey lady slash Peter Andre transcribed) for the Times she said… 

‘All my life I’ve been surrounded by horses, I earned my pocket money sweeping out stables and I now have six horses. I know more about fetlocks and forelocks than most of the celebrities invited by Cartier and the Chinawhite nightclub. I’ve certainly mucked out more horses.’

She continues after le jump…

‘I’ve met the Prince of Wales and the Queen before. I don’t need to be photographed with the A-list, I’ve met quite enough celebrities. I wanted to watch the matches and give my family a treat.’

‘Polo should be for people who love horses, not a media charade. They should be for everyone – little girls, glamour girls, working-class girls like me. No one should be excluded.’

*nods head and sips soy cappuccino*

Hear hear.

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3 comments to “Reason why we j’adore J’ordan #103729465937”

  1. Go Katie! They’re just a bunch of toffs anyway and you’ll have only missed some snorting laughs and some chitter about the old boys and mummy’s bitty.

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  2. Oh I FUCKING love her. She’s like the new Princess Dyana.

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  3. She is a clever lass isn’t she? Get past the tits and teeth and the girl’s got a brain.

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