Beckham in a bonnet. Ooh, alliteration.

White boy in the ring... Traa-la-la-la-la


So David Beckham’s on the cover of the September ish of Men’s Health (Americaland version). He is wearing a bonnet.

Riddle us this – what’s the point of having a fully dressed male personage on the cover of Men’s Health? The whole world and his corky wedge knows Men’s Health magazine is for the gay mens to perve over other mens, and/or fatties who think just by reading Men’s Health they’ll vicariously become slim. Or by gym bores. So in conclusion, why isn’t David Beckham naked? Hmmmn?

And in other news, the end.

Oh ps. There’s another picture of David Beckham from the Men’s Health of which we speak after the jump. He’s still not naked, we’re not gonna lie. The Baby Jesus told us not to. He also told us bumming is the future.

Watch out for that big ball ma'am!

Men’s Health on the interdolly. Hello.


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2 comments to “Beckham in a bonnet. Ooh, alliteration.”

  1. Most of the US Men’s Health covers aren’t topless… it’s just the British Men’s Health that gets them semi-naked. Maybe it’s a censorship thing. Maybe they’re just boring.

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  2. What’s the point of David Beckham if he isn’t wearing pants?

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