Oh, hello.

Er, eyes!

Fact: We have the horn today.

Reason for horn: Ridiculous amounts of champagne (gratuit. V&A do) last night.

Hence: Horny hangover.

Point? Pictures of hot athletes.

Tenuous link: The V&A shindigaroosicle last night was for the launch of their new exhibition, Fashion V Sport. And they’ve coined a phrase, apropos of said exhibition, namely ‘Sporno’. Which is sport and pornography squished together. You may have guessed that. David Beckham in his panties is one example. The pictures above and after Madam(oiselle) Jumpy are another.

Conclusion: White wee.

ps. Check out the bloke blatantly staring at the sporting gennelman’s cock up there. Pig.

Blondie. Leg over.

Source. Ta.

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4 comments to “Oh, hello.”

  1. Golly gumdrops.

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  2. *multiple white-weed*

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  3. Makes me want to pole vault.

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  4. Who the hell would vote ‘no thankings?’

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