Fag Hag Diary

Work them bitches!


The Fag Hag feels let down. More deflated than a lost chicken fillet that’s been stamped on by 1000 slags in Faith platforms. And that’s because two of my favourite famouses, Bradley and Angela, have got those babas turning tricks for cold hard dirty cash.

I expect Kezza Katona to prostitute out her progeny on a daily basis, because she needs the money for fags and Nandos. But Bradley? Angela? What were you thinking entering into such a devlish pact?

Oh, I know the counter-arguments: ‘They’re giving the money to charity’. Angela makes around $15 million a movie. Bradley makes around $25 million. Can’t you find some loose charity change out of that little lot without whoring your kiddies out?…

‘They get hassled anyway, so they’re just controlling it.’ Oh, yes, that old chestnut. Ever seen a picture of the three kids belonging to the most bankable movie star in the world, Matt Damon? Or how about two-time Oscar winning Daniel Day Lewis’s three kids? Couldn’t pick them out of a police line up and probably won’t ever have to with that kind of sensibly protective parenting.

No, in my very un-humble opinion, Angela did it for one reason alone – to say a big ole childish ‘Fuck you!’ to Janiston. Who can currently be seen enjoying the fabulous view from the moral high ground. 

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  1. Yeah. Not interested in the sproglets. What I want to see is a pic of Bradley, stark bollock naked, texting me to dropeverythingandrun on over and party. It’s not too much to ask.

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