What a lady.


Josh Holloway (Road) is what is known in the business as a hot gennelman. Following this little performance, we may have to do that funny thing where you put a line through ‘is’ and write ‘was’ next to it. Like this:

Josh Holloway (Road) is was what is known in the business as a hot gennelman.

The particularly offending item, in case you were a bit flummoxed, is circled in red.

There’s another pic of him in this magical get-up after the jump. And naturally, it goes without saying we’d still back-bottom bum him, scrunchie or no scrunchie.

Line? Crossed it.

ps. Josh Holloway is on the set of his new moving picture, Stay Cool, in Santa Clara, California, Americaland here. So it could, you know, be his costume. Even though we think this is all of his own doing.

pps. Source.

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2 comments to “What a lady.”

  1. I *so* wouldn’t. He looks like a My Little Pony, only less well groomed.

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  2. He looks like a grubbier version of the grubby one off-of Boyzone.

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