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This bag may just save your life. Well, the likelihood of that is quite slim unless you were small, sat inside of it, attached it to a parachute so that it resembled a hot air balloon of sorts and lept out of a plane that was hurtling towards a sad, sad end in a Lost sort of scenario – but we were a bit stuck for a good opener.

Anyways and stuff, this is the Buffalo Bag from Aspinal of London and it is fast becoming the bag of the dolly season. The bag of the dolly season, in fact. Handmade and coming in black and brown, it’s a baggy dream of calf skin leather with black hide, red grosgrain lining and solid brass zippertee zip zips, the Aspinal signature brass and gold finish rivets and studs and… well, it’s all pounds, shillings and pence to us but it’s forcing us to believe it.

Oh, it’s a travel bag, incidentally, but not exclusively. If your gym was, say, Third Space rather than, say, Camden Fitness Centre you may care to use it as a gym bag. If you were one of the womens, you may like to use it as a Mary Poppins style carry-all. If you were a dolly, it would probably be your handbag.

It-no-cheap, however. 725 English gold coins, in fact, but that’s the price of quality loveliness. And we’re so on a Primark backlash. Eugh. Last time we went in there – and when we say last time, it was also our first – we were slicing through the static and northern accents with a Swiss Army Knife.

Aspinal‘s homo home on the interdolly.

Stockists: 0845 052 6900

*Choose lame punning headline accordingly.

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