Does anyone know what this boy is for?

And hello

We’ve been looking at him on the internet all week (in the course of our research, of course) and we have found out the following information.

His name is Edilson Nascimento.

He is off-of Brazil.

He looks fetching in a pant.

He is the face of something called Terra. Which may or may not be a website and we can’t even be bothered to Google it.

He appears writhing around in wet underwear in a video.

And that video is over the jump… 

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3 comments to “Does anyone know what this boy is for?”

  1. *realises he didn’t do enough yesterday, heads back to the gym in gay shame*

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  2. *realizes that no matter how much he goes to the gym, he’ll never be able to do enough. Wallows in gay shame.

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  3. He’s the new hot thing in the male model world… recently discovered in Brazil. His international career is lauching… super hot, super sexy and yet, kind of cute.

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