Ee-eye-ee-eye-oh, Jane McDonald answers your qs.

'ows about that then? You popped, we quizzed, she spilled. Here’s what lady of looseness, Mizz Jane McDonald had to say about barm cakes, equal rights and that Joan Rivers episode…

Which of the other Loose Women are your favourites? You and The Giff are my joint favourites, then Bovril Lady comes second. Can’t stand that bloody Sherrie Hewson woman. Smalls
They’re all great, but I’m great mates with Lynda Bellingham definitely, Carol and Coleen. I love Sherrie, she’s so misunderstood. She’s not at all like that, she’s really lovely. She’s got a heart of gold.

What’s on your bedside table? Nosey Bitch
A glass of water, that’s it and a lamp and I have a Bose system. I use my phone as an alarm, but I love my sound system. Oh, and in the drawer I have a diary and a good book.

Do you wake up in a cold sweat in the night, wracked with guilt for your role in inflicting Joss Stone on the world? Bonzo
[Cackles] No I don’t! I’m very proud of her. I had a TV show called Star For A Night and we discovered her in Cornwall all those years ago. We knew she had an amazing talent and I’m glad that she took the advice and went off to America. It was phenomenal album. The accent’s a bit odd but I’m very proud of her.

Madonna or Kylie? Lourdes
Madonna because she’s still going at 50 and I think, Good for her. I love Kylie as well.

What is a barm cake and do you enjoy one? chas and/or dave
Yeah, I love them. A barm cake is like a tea-cake, a bread cake. There aren’t currents, they’re savoury like a roll. I’d have ham and cheese in my barm cake with butter definitely, no marge.

What ever happened to that Kay woman? I liked her. Bernard
She had another baby and she lives up in Glasgow and she’s busy doing other things so she didn’t come back.

What’s your favourite musical? Gene Kelly
West Side Story. It’s just great music and it’s a great love story. It makes me cry every time. I’ve done Romeo and Juliet, I was the nurse. For me it was quite easy doing a West End show as I usually go on and do a two hour show. But I suppose I wasn’t on stage constantly. I’d go on, do a scene and come off again.

Were you there with Joan said the f word and was she dragged off kicking and screaming in the ad break? Cher fan
Yes I was there and it was fantastic! She had been briefed not to swear because this is a daytime show and you just can’t do that, but in America have a ten second delay, which we don’t, and they would be ready with the bleeper if they had Joan Rivers on! Of course she had no idea that we don’t have that delay here. Or did she? I don’t know, but it was very funny. We got so much press out of that! [laughs]

Were you upset when I suggested you were male pub singer pretending to be a woman? I’m sorry. Alan Carr
Oh God no! I think it’s great. Alan Carr is one of my favourite people in the world. I love the fact that he mentions me in just about every Friday Night Project he does. He’s just amazing. He’s just Northern, I don’t know where he’s from, but he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He’s in the same studio so we see each other in lunch time, so we are good mates actually.

Who’s been the best / worst guest on Loose Ladies? Fjorda Cortina
Best guest for me was Josh Groban because I’ve known Josh in America for years so he was a massive icon and I loved his music. Worst guest was Joan Rivers because we didn’t get to see her to the end. The hoiked her off. They were straight away, ‘Get her off!’ and that was it. They didn’t drag her off as such, but they did say, ‘Can you please leave the studio now Ms. Rivers!’ That for me was the worst because we had such a great rapport and great questions and we never got round to it. Everyone’s pretty good actually. Some of the big American singers you always think, Oh I wonder what he or she’s going to be like? Because they could be quite diva-ish but they’ve always been great once they’ve got on air. We don’t really see the guests before they come on. We sometimes pop our heads in and say hello, but we never usually get to meet before.

Can you elaborate on this new fella of yours? Denis
He’s very tall, blonde, he’s a drummer. He’s in his early 50s. Just a gorgeous, lovely, lovely man.

Why, on Loose Women a few years ago, did you say it was OK for hotel owners to refuse entry to gay couples if they so desired? And why, when Civil Partnerships came into effect, did you agree with Coleen Nolan that ‘Weddings are for normal people’? Matt
Did I say that? Because I think that any gay person checking into a hotel where they didn’t accept you, why would you want to stay there? Just like if they said they didn’t like dark haired women, I wouldn’t personally want to stay in that hotel. What’s the point, there are so many other hotels where you can stay so why bother? ‘Normal’? Who said that? I think Civil Partnerships are a good idea, I’ve always said that. I’ve been to about three now and they’re great, but once again you would be a hypocrite if you stood in a church that’s totally against everything that you stood for, so why would you do that? Why would you put yourself through that? I certainly wasn’t saying the church is too good for some people, because to me I was more on the gay side, because if I was a gay man I wouldn’t go to church!

Do you floss? chas and/or dave
I do. Every day.

Burger King or McDonald’s? Pilar Palabundar
Neither. No I’m not a big burger fan. We stop at services a lot on tour, but saying that I have had a Burger King in the past and enjoyed it.

Do you remember waving at my best friend Pete at Mardi Gras in 2001? He was wondering if it was as memorable for you as it was for him… Cluelessboy
I probably do, but there were quite a few!

If you had to drop a dress size in a day, what would be your preferred method? Mr Motivator
In a beauty salon where I didn’t have to do anything.

Not being rude, but you’ve always seemed much older than you are, just in the way you dress and carry yourself. Why is that? DeeLee
It’s true! I’ve just always had a certain way I suppose. I’m not really bothered about looking young. I’m very happy with who I am. I think I just about look my age now. I took multivitamins when I lived in the Fort Lauderdale in the States, but then everyone took vitamins out there. I loved it out there. I lived there for eight years. If you’re eating out you tend to go for the salads over there. They do really great salads in America whereas over here it’s not that great. I think your body tells you what it needs so if you just listen to that you can’t go wrong. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Jane McDonald’s imaginatively titled new album ‘Jane’ is out now.

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