Peaches Geldof got married. Silly bitch.

Run for your life, the one on the right!

We forgot to mention this first thing. So we’re doing it now.

If we had the magical fairy dust that allows such things, we’d do one o’ them fancy countdown clock wotsits. You know, to countdown to the divorce. Which is naturally imminent.

We’re not cynics, we just je deteste the fucking Geldof progeny.

ps. Doesn’t Peaches look like one of the Duke/Duchess of York offspring? Can’t remember which.

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3 comments to “Peaches Geldof got married. Silly bitch.”

  1. Eugh, eugh and more eugh. Fucking hate the Geldof offspring aussi.

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  2. Peaches your MOM is calling……Which will happen first the divorce or the “accidental” overdose?

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  3. Rumour has it she wants to go and live in LA. Fan-fucking-tastic, can she be deported there now, or do we have to wait? Best news I have heard all day. Unless they announce later on that she crushed by a truck, then that will be the best news. I may even smile.

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