Is Jennifer Aniston bumming this gennelman? What? Oh, the one on the left…

Jennifer and Matt, sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Is Jennifer Aniston fast becoming the class bike? After bumming in no particular order but starting from the last and working backwards John Mayer (twat, btw. We interviewed. Twat. Only wanted to talk about ‘the music’. Oh zzzzzzz), Paul Sculfor off-of Next ads, Jason Lewis off-of what’s happened to his skin?, Vince Vaughn and someone called Bradley (we’ve so missed some out, but this is hard), Jennifer Aniston has ‘parently moved onto this male gennelman pictured above, after being dumped by the first one we mentioned. All alleged, needless to add.

His name’s Matt Felker, and his statistics are: male model/actor, used to date Selma Blair, was in Britney Spears’s Toxic video.

Mmmm, catch.

Oh, but he is pretty, in a so wearing mascara and probably fiddled with the eyebrows kinda way…

Now at this juncture we would’ve liked to have put Britney Spears’s Toxic video up for us all to study ‘n’ point ‘n’ stare at Matt Felker, but the miseries that be have done that ’embedded disabled by request’ thing on YouTube. So we can’t. Like, boo. 

Ooh but ooh, we do have a picture of Matt with his top off over the jump. Like, ooh. And a fancy black ‘n’ white one, which is artistic and therefore a good thing.

Watch the birdy... Fancy
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3 comments to “Is Jennifer Aniston bumming this gennelman? What? Oh, the one on the left…”

  1. My mother would tell him he needs a hair cut.

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  2. That boy needs a haircut. That’s what I’d say

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  3. She likes a dolly, innit?

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