Dolly Day Afternoon

Just Cruising through What’s that? Al Pacino of ‘say hello to my little friend’ fame wearing nail varnish? We would usually class these as the actions of a big old gayer, but looking at the scragglepuss claws he has for nails, we couldn’t possibly suggest such a thing.

So we’re assuming Al has either painted the yellow talons in some sort of doddery old man haze of confusion (he’s 68 you know) or perhaps he can blame it on his children (he has seven year-old twin daughters apparently. There’s obviously still life in the old dog’s bollocks). Or perhaps it’s some sort of mini-PR happening to get rag coverage for upcoming film Righteous Kill, in which he teams up with the other old hot dude of Hollywood, Mr. Robert De Niro. Mmm…. Hot old Hollywood cock *gets a semi*

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2 comments to “Dolly Day Afternoon”

  1. I don’t like that ring

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  2. haaaa, haaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaa-aaaa haaaaaaaaaa tis funnay . made me laugh right out loud, that did :P bwahaa xxxx

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