‘We are the world…’

Move over, bitch

Aw, look at Leona as she walks into the lion’s den that is the celebrity charity sing-off.

Yes, desperate music lovers, our very own Leona ‘It’s amazin’, like a dream come true and I didn’t even have to go down on Simon Cowell’ Lewis has joined the likings of Mariah Carey, Beyonce, erm Natasha Bedingfield, Rihanna and that dirty teenage slut who keeps getting her kit off in front of lesbians, Miley Cyrus (she was the one who showed about a square inch of back fat to lesbian photographer Annie Liebowitz and then said she’d never felt so dirty, or some such tosh…)

Anyways, this meeting of the great and the good. And Natasha. Oh, and Miley. Is for to record a song called ‘Just Stand Up’ for cancer charity Stand Up To Cancer (see what’s going on there, with the word ‘stand’?) So, there are 15 singers (these are just the ones we’ve chosen to highlight today) and the song is released on iTunes on 2nd September.

You’re all doing very well everybody. Now carry on. 

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  1. “… who showed about a square inch of back fat …” — HA! You’re going to Disney Hell for that.

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