Look who’s starring in the new Quentin Crisp drama!

Penny for your thoughts

We were already excited about An Englishman in New York anyways.

For a start it was the follow up to the brilliant Naked Civil Servant (still is!); for seconds it stars NCS’s John Hurt as Quentin Crisp and for thirds, won’t it be nice to have something on telly that hasn’t got that awful lesbetronic Gok Wan in it?

Now, we’re even more excitement in that we’ve found out it’s also got Cynthia ‘Miranda off-of Sex and the City’ Nixon, of-off lady-gardens in it. She plays Quentin’s close friend Penny Arcade, which we think is a pretty good name.

Filming starts *checks watch* ooh, round about now. The finished product (because let’s not forget that, more than art, this is a commercial product. Oh, yes) will be ready for your televisual viewing as of next year. 

The end. Goodbye. Come back soon. 

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  1. Can I just say – Gok Wan? Cunt.

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