Lookin’ bummable for the baby Cheeses…

That Jesus was HOT.

Everyone knows that that Jesus fella was a total lady, and spent literally days puckering up and getting that annoying kink out of his hair before he’d even dream of stepping foot outside of his shabby-chic apartment – so it’s only fitting that there’s a new range of beauty products inspired by said God-bothering gentleman.

It’s called Lookin’ Good for Jesus, and there’s everything from mirror compact to bubble bath to sparkle cream whatever sparkle cream may be – there’s even lip balm,-shoulda-called-it-lip-psalm,-they-missed-a-trick-there. Oh, and there’s a little dolly shopper, which you can use down Sainsberries and have your very own, real-life, ‘No, ma’am, I won’t take your dirty plastic bag, I’ve brought my own’ scenario at the checkout.

It’s a beautiful thing. God loves vanity.


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2 comments to “Lookin’ bummable for the baby Cheeses…”

  1. I like the idea of ‘getting tight with Christ’.

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  2. Heaven’s just a sin away !!!

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