Fuck the black eye, it’s all about the Haribo.


As members of the Haribo club (it was a gift. They thought they were being ironic. It was actually the best gift we ever received), we appreciate a fellow j’adorer of the 100% naturally ocurring sweets, we shitteth you not, though there may be a bit of animal hoof in there alongside several colours that are yet to be officially recognised on the spectrum.

We swear by ’em.

How. Ever. This week we’re watching our waistlines because there may or may not be some public nudity required at one of more of this weekend’s events. By which we mean there will be. And needs must.

In conclusion – enjoy Haribo in moderation, kids, especially if you’re already shopping down Evans.

And don’t put words in our mouths. Haribo, yes. Words, no.

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