Smart for town

You so would

You can’t beat a bit of city wear, we say. Especially when it’s modelled on the very fine figure of Mr. Jason Statham, actor.

Here we catch him as he strides out, obviously on his way to a very top-level meeting, ringing the changes with an open-necked shirt but keeping it real with a proper briefcase.

It’s taken from GQ, much of the clothing is Burberry, which is apparently THE thing to be seen in this winter and you can see more over the jump.

Simple, effective and to the point.

What colour are his eyes? I don't know. He always wears shades. Comin' atcha

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2 comments to “Smart for town”

  1. perfect for the roof-top helipad.

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  2. Ooh, I loves me some Mister Statham. He doesn’t know it, but we are embroiled in a torrid love affair.

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