The filthiest filth of all time gets a DVD release! Hooray for filth!

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When it first came out, it caused uproar of the most uproariest proportions. Gore Vidal (proper writer) had written a movie, proper actors like Helen Mirren, John Gielgud and Malcolm McDowell (that’s him, there, on the phone) had been cast and the whole thing was set to be a cinema classic.

But then clever old producer Bob Guccionne of Penthouse magazine (you’d have thought someone would have smelt a rat, wouldn’t you?) would wait until the proper actors and director had gone home and would then use the sets to film proper, hard-core, in-out-in-out sex scenes. With climaxes and everything.

Then, also cleverly, he took over the editing and inserted the in-out scenes into the real movie. Hey bingo, a very saucy movie that all the actors and Mr. Vidal wanted to take their names off. Even though it’s actually really good. And quite funny. And of course sexy, with its freaky orgy scenes.

Well now sauce enthusiasts in the UK can get their grubby little fingers on Caligula – for such is its name – for the first time ever. The British Film Something Something has decided that we are grown up enough to see playful penises so you’ll be able to buy it. For ready money.

Hooray. Celebrate. The end. 

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  1. THIS IS A TRUE STORY: When my family came to America [the first time], wee 5-year-old me was flipping the cable television channels late one night when I was meant to be asleep — and *THIS* was on! I recall a couple on a swing squealing with delight whilst a further orgy poked & squelched below. And that, children, is why I am a ghey.

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