Fag Hag Diary

Gimme some of that Bubble action Thursday

The Fag Hag is feeling all fabulously cougar-ish after getting a dose of the love from Tony Bubbles.

Who, I hear you cryeth, is Tony Bubbles when he’s at hometh? He is of course the Fag Hag’s vehicular sanitation technician. In other words, he done clean that car good and proper.

Tony Bubbles is 6’4″, black, totally fly with a heartbreaker smile and has probably been inside more women than Tampax Inc. If you are a lady with a growler and you take your car in for some suds action with Tony Bubbles, I can guarantee he will try and rub front bums with you. 

‘You and me, babeeee. Come on! It’d be beautiful,’ he said one time. ‘Go on, please! Just once,’ he negotiated the time after that…

Today he got a bit lary with the Fag Hag over my low-slung Britney Seven jeans. ‘You turn up here,’ he shouted, ‘with your bumper hanging out. Course I’m gonna hit on you!’

Do you know, he has a point. I mean, as my old nana used to say, ‘Hey bitch, remember, no one likes a prick tease.’ So I nodded solemnly, told him I thought he had raised a salient issue and then drove off winking and playing ‘I see you baby, shakin’ that ass’ at ear-splitting volume. 

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