David Duchovny’s in rehab for sex addiction *sigh*

Get off me!

Not with the lady on the right. That would be called ‘infidelity’. ‘Cause that’s Gillian Anderson. And David Duchovny’s married to Tea Maria Leoni.

Now we’ve got that clear, let’s have a heated debate…

David Duchovny likes touching front bottoms (we assume with his wife, but we could be wrong) a little too much, and it’s become a ‘problem’. So much so, he’s entered a correctional facility or whatever it is they call them in Americalandi-doodle-dand, and has this to say on the matter:

‘I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction. I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.’

Frankly, if Daddy’s got a sex addition, we don’t want nuffink to do with it.

Ooh but fun fact, sex addiction-watchers – David Duchovny’s 48. Yes, 48.

A thought: Ironic, considering his telly-box show, Californication. In which he plays a sex addict. Life immitating art immitating life immitating quite useful press immitating art immitating life.

Another thought: If he needs an outlet/somewhere to practice, we’re generally easy to find.

Final thought: Remember Red Shoe Diaries? Night after night we waited for him to get involved… Maybe that’s where the situation stems from? Hmmmn, intrigue.

Now let’s look at David Duchovny in his pants… and also in a wetsuit.

Er, trousers? Brrrrr, chilly.

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3 comments to “David Duchovny’s in rehab for sex addiction *sigh*”

  1. Honey, I’ll be your dog….

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  2. I volunteer to help him get cured – I’ll lie there night and day until he gets it out of his wetsuit and sorts it all out. There, There it will be all right. Let momma help you Dave.

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  3. No! No! No!

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