How much are we looking forward to this movie?

Da bitchiz

It’s probably the gayest film of all time (apart from Diana Ross is Mahogany, of course) and it’s out within, ooh days. It’s called The Women, it’s based on a really funny, campy, bitchy film by George Cukor that had the likings of Joan Crawford in it and it’s got pretty much all our favourite gals.

There’s Bette Midler (blonde!) Carrie Fisher, Debra Messing off-of Will & Grace and Candice ‘Candy’ Bergen, who you’ll remember as Carrie’s editor at Vogue in Sex and the City.

It’s a story of bitching and cheating on husbands and revenge. But really, it’s all about evil one-liners. And we do love our evil one-liners *pats hair, sacks staff, writes poison pen letter, posts it*

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2 comments to “How much are we looking forward to this movie?”

  1. It’s basically going to be brilliant. You failed to mention Jada ‘Set it Off’ Pinkett Smith and Eva ‘I totally would even though she has lady parts’ Mendez.

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  2. Oh Pilar, what it must be like to live inside that head

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