Ooh, look, new jeans. London ones.

Lower, lower, lower

There’s nothing quite so delicious of a Monday morning than a gennelman opening up the front of his jeans to reveal there ain’t nothing going on but (his means to get the) rent (money) in terms of pantage.

Which is why this image for a new brand of jeans called Trousers London (which is a pretty funny name. Ha ha. For jeans) caught our eye. Then we decided we’d investigate further and found that…

a). they are jeans we would actually, you know, wear. 

b). top hats look really cool (well, Madonna’s doing them on her latest tour).

c). London (and Trousers London) style is actually quite cool.

See more of the goods (not the goods inside those jeans; the real goods as in the schmutter) over the jump. And a link to their hot new website… 
Love the titfer Ooh, me eyes

Now mosey on over to their new website by clicking here. Sorry, here. No, here

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