Dancing with the REAL Stars

HUN-break my heart

While we in the UK have the likings of Gillian Taylforth (best known for noshing her husband off in a lay-by then claiming she was tying his shoelaces – or summing), Lisa Snowdon (best known for noshing off – or not, as the case and the sexuality may be – George Clooney) and Jessie Wallace (best known for being a bit of a mouthy dumpling) to watch whirl around the dancefloor in Strictly Cometh Dancing, while Tess ‘I’m a bit northern, I am’ Daley flicks around in a chiffon dress looking for all the world like a 60-year-old *breathe* in Americaland they have decided to put some real stars in their Dancing with the, erm, Stars.

Take Toni Braxton, of ‘Hunbreak My Heart’ fame (six Grammies, Billboard number ones and everything). She’s one. Lance Bass, the gay off-of *NSync, who sold over 50 million records. He’s also one. But our favourite one is Cloris Leachman (nine Emmies, a Golden Globe and an Oscar, thankyouverymuch), who you may know (if you’re, like, REALLY old) from The Mary Tyler-Moore Show and as the cheeenius Frau Blucher off-of Young Frankenstein. Beats Andrew freaking Castle.

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2 comments to “Dancing with the REAL Stars”

  1. But don’t forget last time Stateside they had Heather Mills off-of one leg and gold diggery, so they don’t always go for the big guns.

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  2. Is Heather Mills McCartney not a big gun all of a sudden? Did I miss that meeting?

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