Okay, so we weren’t gonna bother sticking these up, then thought better of it. Then thought better of it again. Then thought better of it again. It’s Chace Crawford. That lady off-of Gossip Girl.

Nice angle.


Lots of people go potty-loo-la over Chace Crawford. We interviewed him earlier in the year, and he sneezed all over us. Several times. ‘Allergies,’ he said. He was ever so nice, had floppy hair, and was wearing base.

These pictures are from the new series of Gossip Girl, in which he’ll never knowlingly not be topless. We give you Exhibit 1, Ithankyou. Exhibits 2 and 3 are after the jump.
Mornin' glory. I'm always on the tarmac in my spotty boxers...

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