And you thought Little Britain, the UK version was bad!

Even unfunnier than the 'I'm a lady' one

Oh, you lucky lucky Americaninos. You are about to be subjected to the ‘hilarity’ that is Little Britain USA.

Get ready for punch lines that make you want to punch (and which are repeated ad nauseum so that sketches become little more than the punch lines in a different location); characters that include old ladies who are sick a lot, old ladies who piss a lot, men dressed as old ladies who go around saying ‘I’m a laaaaady’ a lot and some homophobia that’s OK really because the comedian doing it is gay.

Because when you are choosing your comedy targets, who better than old ladies, disabled and mentally impaired men and provincial gays. And any genuinely grotesque humour that actually gets through is usually nicked from the far superior League of Gentlemen.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch the clip of brand new character Bing Gordyn after the jump. And there endeth the lesson…

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2 comments to “And you thought Little Britain, the UK version was bad!”

  1. Fucking shit. LIttle Britain was vaguely amusing for the first series, but then only in small parts, then quicky became tiresome, juvenile and just plain wank.

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  2. Totally agree. Offensive and yet still not funny. How did they pull that one off?

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