Smart for town


What’s a kitty to do? Hot date, smart postcode, ex shag might be there, don’t want to come over too keen… it’s what is known in the feline world as a modern dilemma. Oh but fret not, pussy-watchers… Cat Prin; The Tailor of a Cat has all your puddy sartorial needs under one, like, roof we guess, but metaphorically seeing as it’s an interdolly shop. Now ’cause we’re cheap, we just stick our pussies in dirty cast-offs, but if you fancy the ‘real deal’, you can peruse more goods from Cat Pin ici.

Thankings, and miaow. Oh, there are more cute pics of cats in clothes after the jump. Cats in clothes? S’funny.

Suited and booted So dressy Keeping it real 


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  1. Awww … kitteh!

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