Aiden Shaw answers your quizzlesticks…

Single and ready to mingle You popped your ps and qs into Mr. Aiden Shaw and he took them like a goodun. Here’s what the writer-cum-musician-cum-porn star-cum-prostitute-cum-cum down dear it’s only a commercial-cum-cuma cuma cuma chameleon said…

Are you single?
YES! Put capitals please with an exclamation mark! I’m looking for someone my own age, which is 42. Normal physique, certainly not big. With average size dick, maybe a little plump. I don’t like anything too big because you know, I can’t be versatile. I just don’t like it because it’s uncomfortable you know. I’m not on Myspace or anything but if someone wants to contact me get onto the guys at me-me-me.

What’s most fun: porn or prostitution? Or is none of it fun? Bernard
Prostitution. You meet some really great people doing prostitution and you get to go places, but porn is boring and you only really do it if you’re doing prostitution because it’s a really great way of promoting yourself as a prostitute or a stripper.

A friend of mine once said that you were in the Hollywood spa on something and fucked everyone in the room. Is that trru? Caracas
I don’t remember exactly but it sounds highly likely. The thing is when you’re on Crystal you find something attractive about everyone. It might be the smell of them or the shape of their body hair, so yeah, that story is in all likelihood very true.

Have you ever let Chi Chi suck you off? I bet she tried! Diana, late princess of Wales
Chi-Chi is brilliant and very professional and never tries it on with people she’s working with. Besides, she has no trouble picking up guys to suck off, let me tell you.

When shagging other men, have you ever played your own porn in the background? Laura
Not through choice but I’ve been back with guys who wanted to play one of my movies while we had sex. It’s quite distracting but I sort of understood what they meant by it.

Would you recommend a career in porn to young whippersnappers such as myself? SPITROASTY
Not unless you want to go into prostitution or stripping. It’s good PR for that but on its own I wouldn’t recommend it, no. But you have to make your own decisions, obviously.

Never liked him since he said in his own book that he fucked a man who had a wife and child bareback up the ass while knowing he had HIV. That’s some cold, heartless shit. EdWoody
I’ve never ever said that. It’s not true.

Do you find that people do not take you seriously due to your past? Richard
I’m guessing hat’s why I’ve gone so far with this education thing, apart from I’m really enjoying it. Since giving up drugs it’s the only thing that keeps my brain occupied, you’re not going clubbing any more so now I see why I needed to do all that because I was bored out of my mind. And there’s a lot of reaction to working in the sex industry, there’s a lot of pressure on you in a weird and twisted and guttural way. It plays with your mind, to use a corny cliché, but I think I’ve gone as far with this education because it stimulates me and also people will have to take me seriously one day.

If you where out in a club/ bar, what kind of guy do you usually go for, just checking if I would have any kind of chance in case I bump into you ;) Marcus
My taste as far as in a bar, my taste is completely vague. I can go form quite slim, quite effeminate boys to quite hairy daddy types. I’m really not into muscle type guys at all though. Really doesn’t do anything for me. Here’s something about them. I just think if you’re spending that much time doing that you can’t be that interesting and if that is what they find important then we’re on different planets, you know.

You gave me the eye once, walking in New York. Do you remember? Consuela
Who’s this? Of course I do, how could I forget you. Because you’re amazing. I’m glad you finally got back to me!

When are you getting back to your art school roots, getting the band back together, and throwing felt tips into the crowd so we can write upon one another like in the old days? PinkNarcolepsy
I spoke to Mark at one of the other things just last week and he still wants to do some music, so who knows? I don’t want to be too rigid about it and say, ‘We’re not going to’ or, ‘We are going to’, it could easily happen but for now I’m just focusing on my writing.

Hi how thing going, i live in australia, have you ever been to australia, i live at the top of nsw, its a counrty town, not to bad place to live, is there any way i could get a sign photo of you. Thanks. Mitch
No but if you sent me a ticket I would definitely go and do a personal appearance.

As someone who has HIV how do you feel about the massive rise in bareback porn and its possible influence on gay men? Cluelessboy
The way I see it is of course we have no idea what affect it’s having yet, we’ll only find out in retrospect. I’m not prepared to, as somebody with a heart and soul and with a mind, I’m not prepared to enter into the debate because we don’t know the outcome yet. It could be really bad or it could actually not, we don’t know yet. I’m just not prepared to get into the debate. Have I ever done it? No, but basically the answer is because we don’t know the outcome yet I won’t enter into the debate but you know you won’t be seeing me doing any.

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  1. I’ve never seen any of his ‘films’ (no, really!) — but that wagon he’s draggin’ is dynamic! :-)

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  2. Hey Big Bunny,
    If you like his caboose, you’ll definitely be impressed by his long, fat, uncut locomotive. One of my favorite films of his is New Pledgemaster.

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  3. You’re definitely boyfriend material:P

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  4. dude…i love u so much..i’m from Malaysia and i really wanna be like u…hope u can take me as your partner for the next movie cause i’m really wanna be porn star too…call me at +60179348437 if u interested…i’m horny all day long and send my regards to your ‘skin pistol’…lol

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