Here we go, everyone. Get ready for hundreds of James Bond tie-ins…

Shaken or stirred. We warn you, shaken might get messy

What would a suave, internationally renowned, government assigned assassin with a reputation as a ladies man who looks quite buff in pale blue swimwear wind down with at the end of the day?

Would it be a martini, shaken not stirred, as legend has it? Maybe a vintage champagne from the cellar of an evil pussy-stroking villain? No. Don’t be silly. It would be a Coca Cola Zero. Now, wouldn’t it? What with it having no sugar and yet not being all girlie like Diet Coke and everything.

That’s the sticky drink of choice for our Jamie Bond. Or so Coca Cola would like you to think (and have spent top dollar to get you to think in an exclusive tie-in). Mind you, who thought it was a sports drink because it was plastered all over the Olympic games? 

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