In today’s less vitriolic news…

'Neigh neigh' Drinking hours (as in past mid-day) aren’t even in squinty sight and we realise we have featured many an angry story upon these fair pages of usual happiness and joy, so in today’s lighter news we are reporting in the most smiley of manners on the new equestrian range launched by Katie Price of Jordandre™ fame – come on, it will catch on if we all start using it.

Just look at it in all its pretty pink glory. It reminds us of our secret stash of My Little Ponies hidden in the ottoman (does anyone have ottomans nowadays?) with the Sylvanian Families and Polly Pockets. Thems were the days. *sigh*

Anyway, back to GG, we’ve decided our favourite part of this range is the dolly leg warmers and horsey nailvarnish, or is it hoof varnish? One questions – apply how? And what happens when it chips? Dear oh dear, the perils of life as a horse and/or horsey type.

Said range (which is called KP Equestrian – clever, no?) launched yesteryore and you can buy it from all good… erm… horse stores?

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3 comments to “In today’s less vitriolic news…”

  1. I LOVED Polly Pockets!

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  2. I was down Lidls the other day (I only go in for their bargain giant salami and dirt cheap Prosecco) and I noticed they have a special offer on Horse Licks (?) – and last year they had a job lot of horse shampoo and blankets. In Hackney.

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  3. OMG – I went to Hackney Lidl’s too, my first evertrip to a Lidl’s. What a bizarre range of items for sale. They did have some rather fabulous Maple Syrup Cornflakes that give Kelloggs a run for their money.

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