Mmmmm, lips.



Katie Price was on the Alan ‘In me Hampshire garden’ Titchmarsh Show yesterday, replete with newly tumescent gob. (Incidentally, we learned the word ‘tumescent’ back in 1996 when a then literary-minded lover sent a sex-pest text [advanced for it’s time, admittedly], with talk of his ‘cock, tumescent with desire’. It didn’t last much longer. Who wants to go out with someone whose idea of dirty talk is like a sesh with the Bloomsbury Set?)

Anyways plural, t’looks like Katie off-of Jordan’s had a bit more costly kneading in the lip area. By which we mean the lip area. This is a family show. We like how she’s teamed it with stripy pink top and girly-girl pigtails.

Other people – by which we mean the Daily Mail – have reported it thus: ‘The model’s beestung lips looked almost bigger than her face.’

Er, no.

Let’s look at Katie Price’s chunky pucker from another angle…



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4 comments to “Mmmmm, lips.”

  1. I love the Alan Titchmarsh Show. It calms me right down.

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  2. I think they look GREAT.

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  3. To me Alan Tischmarsh looks like your archetypal peadophile. I can’t spell by the way.

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  4. She looks like a 40 year old, trying to look like a 20 year old pole dancer trying to look like a St. Trinians girl and failing.

    Did she have the fat from her tits sucked out and squirted into her face? If so, that’s green recycling right there for you.

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