Another day, another very pointless story about the very pointless Peaches Geldof

Apparently it's ok to perv over teen sex if your name's not Gary Glitter Today, witness little Miss ‘everything you hate about public school in human form’ in the new advert for Agent Provocateur. Yes, apparently the eldest Geldof sprog was perfect for their ‘Season of the Witch’ campaign.

We heard on the grapevine that a gossip columnist (probably) fabricated an insider who whispered within the earhole of an alleged source who revealed to a (possibly) real live human who asked a work experience kid to type it into a keyboard and ask a techie to publish it on the Daily Mail’s trustworthy website, ‘She’s hot, young and of the moment. She’s got an edginess about her and we like the face of the firm to have that hint of danger. We’ve no doubt she’ll be a huge success.’

Hmm, we have a few things to say about this…

a. She’s about as edgy as a Toni and Guy snip.

b. The only ‘hint of danger’ comes in the form of that lower jaw. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Health and Safety, much?

And c. and d.

We hear the ad is set to cause controversy with Daddy G because she shows a teet or two. To see the lantern jawed wonder follow through…
Peaches Geldof *tee and/or hee* Fooled ya!

Hellboy *yawn* Next…
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4 comments to “Another day, another very pointless story about the very pointless Peaches Geldof”

  1. Not the loveliest sight I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’d call out Barbara Woodhouse for a bit of training if I saw that on the street.

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  2. Eugh. Someone needs to smack the bitch. And I don’t mean in an Agent Provacateur sort of way. I mean in a beat to a pulp sort of way. And there’ll be lots of pulp, just from the chin alone.

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  3. She looks quite nice in the second picture.

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