Britney wows MTV Awards. Wows in inverted commas.


After last year’s ridiculous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, we thought we’d be in for another train wreck from Ms. Spears this year. Let’s face it, she’s not great at the turning-up-and-looking-presentable stuff (or much else), but apparently she ‘swept the event’ on Sunday.

OK, since when did reading four of the most boring sentences ever uttered (from a cue card of course – God forbid she actually thinks for herself), and strutting around with a moronic smile plastered across her much-make up’d face equal a ‘comeback’? We’re still getting over the fact that she claimed to be speechless after winning three awards, and then managed to thank God and her ‘beautiful boys’.

Oh, and on the subject of awards – best female video for ‘Piece of Me’, really?? MTV people, mincing about in a pair of skanky denim shorts does not constitute a good vid. The ‘Break the Ice’ video would have been a better choice. At least they got the hint with that one and used a cartoon version of her.

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  1. The best thing Britters could have done was kept with the shaved head look, fucked around a bit, taken drugs and ideally died. But of course, she wore a blonde wig and turned to God. Again.

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