Never knowlingly undersold.


No, not Karen Elson off-of ginge, John Lewis.

We like John Lewis. Especially the one on London’s skank-run, Oxford Street. Ever-so-helpful staffage, lovely new escalator that some people still can’t work out how to use (word up: step on, stand still. Ta-da!) and always a peppering of gays stocking up on reliable homeware, fresh from chewing their faces off down Orange. And now, ladies and ladies, they’ve bagged the ginger-tinged talents of the one ‘n’ only Karen Elson, one of our all time most j’adored supermodels, in an attempt to make us think John Lewis is not only good for white goods, plasma tellies and haberdashery, but also fashion. Will it work? Will it? Will it? Will it? Who can say. Will it?

Personally, we like John Lewis as it is. It’s nice and grown up and there’s no jostling with 22 and three quarter-year-old dollies smug on their own originality even though it’s been done 173 times before, mostly in 1984. Then again, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… you can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes.

Wethankyou. Oh, there’s another smart for town shot of Karen Elson after the break. Wethankyou #2.

Modelling modelling modelling
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