Oh, G’day!

Wider wider wider wider wider wider wider!

You gotta love them Australianishes. They may have a penchant for turning words of two syllables into words of 27 syllables, but you could always put your fingers in your ears and just ask the mens of the nation to take their clothes off, as someone appears to have done ici. Seamless.

Ba. Sically, the Hotty McHot gennelmen off-of football (by which we think they mean Aussie Rules, but who’s counting…) have removed their clothes, slipped into something small, and allowed themselves to be photographed in order to titillate those who are titillated by such things. What sort of person…?

Oh, it’s a calendar situ, btw. Which is available for purchasing with ready cash dollar. And after the break, you’ll find more gennelmen in pants. Not necessarily available for purchasing with ready cash dollar, though there’s no harm in asking.

Er, tat? Go on, do it...!

*has a white wee*

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  1. Oh g’day indeed!

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