Comedy drunk Russian moment #100737497362901

Pissed. As. A. Fart. It’s nice to know that super-humans also known as athletes also known as Russian athletes are partial to a tipple or ten like the rest of us immorals. While drinking on the job of a Friday afternoon is all well and good, taking part in an international competition (called Athletissima by the way, which sounds a little too STI for our liking) is another matter entirely.

Not for young Ivan Ukhov, a Russian high-jumper who admitted to drinking Red Bull and Vodka (aah, takes us back to university) before attempting to compete. Watch the clip of his drunken staggering, trouser removal, pushing, shoving and utter non-event of a jump after the jump. It amused us. Plural.

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2 comments to “Comedy drunk Russian moment #100737497362901”

  1. I recognise the taking trousers off scenario only too well!

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  2. I love how he pushes that official person away in a sort of sulky drunk ‘Gerroff me, I’m fiiiine’ way.

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