Fag Hag Diary

Splitting hairs.

All my Laydeez, wherever you are – put down those barrister briefs tied in this season’s cerise! Lay down those diamante surgical clamps! Stop splitting those fashion forward atoms! This affects all of you do y’hear? Okay, so, the news is… a famous has only gone and got her hair cut! The haircut apparently happened at approximately 16.00hrs (Eastern Standard Time) and both hair and famous are said to be in a stable condition. Said a tramp who looked not dissimilar to Nick Nolte in his police mugshot: ‘I can’t believe it. A famous got their hair cut. Only in LA, hey?’ before rifling through the bins for some Kentucky Fried Chicken. So, what does the Fag Hag think of the aforementioned black, shiny crop?

They say Halle Berry. Me say, the President of the People’s Republic of China meets the Pakistani man off-of Dragon’s Den, fashion fans.

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  1. Police mugshot look or not, I would like Nick Nolte to bone me rotten.

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