Fun-ness: Ooh, guess who this is!

Who could it be? Who? Who? Who? Who?

And no, it isn’t one of those lame, ‘Guess which internationally renowned movie star this little tyke turned into dot-dot-dot’ and then you click through giddy as an Omega 3’d-up kipper, only to find it’s Nicole Kidman which, you know, you suspected all along but thought you’d click through in an obsessive compulsive manner just to make sure you didn’t have bad hair for the rest of your life. Ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh no *pause* it’s much more thrilling than that.

So, like, guess or something. Then proceed apres the break or something for the answer. You’ll thank yo Momma you did.

It’s this even littler tyke, ladies ‘n’ germs! The baby human off-of that Nirvana album! Hurrah!

Hahaha, we can see your willy.

*asks gennelman wearing Lynx over the other side of the office why this album was important again…*

His name’s Spencer Elden, he’s now 17, and he lives in London’s glittering Los Angeles. Now, c’mon… excitement.

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2 comments to “Fun-ness: Ooh, guess who this is!”

  1. So, like, wasn’t expecting that.

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  2. Turned out nice again…

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