Rihanna Vogues. Yes, as in Madonna Vogues. Only not as good, obviously.

Everywhere you turn is heartache. Ain't it the truth?!

It is a brave, brave (or stoopid, stoopid) baby pop diva who thinks she can take on Madonna. But that’s what the lady Rihanna did at Fashion Rocks this week. She had the living temerity (that’s cheek/front/moxy) to do a version of ‘Vogue’, with real live modules (that’s the whole point of Fashion Rocks after all) doing their bit on the catwalk while her ladyship busted those Madonna shapes.

Weren’t bad, but you should check out Madonna doing it in full Dangerous Liaisons get up on the MTV awards 18 years ago. She can flip a fan and everything! In the meantime, here’s Rihanna’s pop at it. And we apologise for the quality of this clip. In all senses of that word quality. Over the jump… 

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2 comments to “Rihanna Vogues. Yes, as in Madonna Vogues. Only not as good, obviously.”

  1. Madonna’s is bestest.

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  2. Dude, I know! It’s what I was thinking last night. Rihanna cant dance; Madonna can dance circles around her, still.

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