Get your mum this calendar. She’ll never notice.


That bloke up there’s a perve. And a rather ruddy-lipped perve at that. He’s watching back bottom bumming. *Blushes*.

Oh but before you slip on your sensible flats and book a slot on the GMTV sofa (6.45-6.47am, repeated again from 7.45-7.47am), bemoaning the break-down of society and telling us it’s all Gordon Brown’s fault and really everything would be better if he just sorted out your loft insulation and that’s it’s his fault the kids are turning into little cunts because, you know, you just pay too much tax and yes, it is about time Fiona Phillips left GMTV ’cause she’s turned into a smug twat… no, before you do all that, taketh note. Pervey up there is part ‘n’ parcel of a new calendar that celebrates slightly naughty behaviour – a fetish calendar, if you will. For *checks* 2009. It’s called Bad Behaviour, and there’s all sorts of saucy little scenarios going on. Jump Mr Jumpy to see more…

Honestly, turn the light off! Two's company, three's a party.

Perve a bit more, over here.

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