‘Ooh, merde, is it 4 o’clock on the Gaelic nose and we’ve still not had a French-themed sing-song?’

Une Frenchie

S’true. Mais why Frenchie-themed, we hear you ask? Well, knock us down with a Citroen DS, but tonight nos amis we’ll mostly be hob-nobbing with the hob-nobs down the French Embassy for an event even we’re schtumped as to why we’ve been invited, but we’ve put on our best underwear all the same. It really is the ambassador’s reception, and if they don’t fucking spoil us we’ll be straight on the blower to Carla Bruni.

We digress. So, because it’s the first French song that came to us, we’ll mostly be sing-songing along to ‘Joe le Taxi’, by Kate Moss doppelganger and bummer of Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis. Ain’t that the vérité.

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