Top, bottom or versatile?

Honey, are you getting a little bit excited...?

It’s a tree, people, so before you get excited just remember it’s all about sustainability, so if you bum it you gotta replace it with another tree somewhere else. Or else not only won’t those poor children get anything, but they would have drowned to death.

So this, arboreal types, is a tree that has penis. It’s weird. And we gather it’s naturally occurring, which doesn’t surprise us bearing in mind the Granny Smith we picked up at Sainsberries yesterday. That would’ve shook you to your core, believe you us…

Anyway, an interdolly site has done a nice thing and gathered together a load of pics of trees that have grown in such a way as to look a bit rude. It’s juvenile, therefore we love it. Oh, the site is e-Spanish. Muy bien. But if you can’t be arsed travelling that far, see a tree with an arse (oof, seamless) after the jump…

You've been doing squats, haven't you!
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