The name’s Bond. Justin Bond.

Bring Kiki!

You j’adored him in Shortbus as the MC at that dirty sex club.

You worshipped him as Kiki off-of Kiki and Herb, the Carnegie Hall-, Syndey Opera House-filling double act with a difference (and a fully stocked cocktail trolley).

You thought he outshone mate Jake Shears when they did it together live on stage.

And you were green with envy when he turned up on a very red carpet with First Lady of Not Wearing Make-Up, Tilda Swinton.

Now you can see him in a new show called Lustre that’s being bandied about as ‘a glamorous evening of cabaret featuring our Lady J and a special surprise guest each evening.’ Ooh, it’s like the Lulu show back in the 70s. Time Out New York reckons it’s ‘dizzying, riotous and unexpectedly moving…’ while the dirty Evening Standard calls it ‘a glittering walk on the wild side’. And you know how we love the word ‘glittering’.

It’s all going down at London’s actually-glittering Soho Theatre on Dean Street (well, be having a couple of warm-up cocktails over the road in Soho Hotel first if you need us) from 9th October until 1st November, with tickets pretty much on sale right now this minute. Give them a ring on 020 7478 0100 or go here.

And while we’re waiting, let’s see a genius video of Kiki and Herb doing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’! Why not?

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