A new day, a new smelly. And a new gay if you play your cards right.

Mmmm, nwoice.

This is 1 Million, by Paco Rabanne. And it’s out for your smelling pleasure today. As in today.

Pretty, non? Smell-wise, we’re talking grapefruit, mint and blood mandarin up the top (we know all the terms…); in the middle are rose absolute and cinnamin; and base notes are leather, white wood, amber and Indonesian patchouli essences. It’s almost forcing us to eat it, but best not. It’s like the time we accidentally/on purpose drank bleach thinking it was Barley cordial. We were five, and it wasn’t pretty. Stomach, no doubt, was particularly bacteria free for a while.

We digress. The gennelman fronting the campaign is called Matt Gordon and why yes, thanks for asking. There’s a pic of him after the break, and you can watch the real-life moving picture advert here. And if you’re really clever, you could try taking the bottle into HSBC, choose the most retarded looking of the cashiers, and attempt to exhange for one million pounds, or however much a tab of gold is worth these days. You never know until you try.

Dance bitch dance!
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  1. I want to bite the bottle. It looks like it contains Christmas chocolate. You know, like those golden coins you only get at Christmas.

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