Morning glory with Ronaldo

Nice LWPs Ooh, so early int’ day and already we’re perving at pictorials of our lady Cristiano Ronaldo in his LWPs (that’s little white panties for thems what don’t know).

Few points to mention. We are largely enjoying the clingy nature of said white knickers – which complement the front bottom area and highlight the suntan. We are also largely enjoying the grainy ‘these have been taken from afar without the consent of the pictured party’ nature of these photos. Voyeurs? Us? Pah!

Cop a little more of dolly Cris past the jumpy…
Ooh, grainy

*does a wee of sorts*

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More dolly #content:

2 comments to “Morning glory with Ronaldo”

  1. I wonder if I love him as much as he loves himself. Doubt it somehow.

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  2. Such a lady.

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