My, my what a big club you have

See how he glows See him up there. That’s Mr. Cerne Abbas Giant and he’s a dirty dirty boy. So dirty in fact that kindly, possibly slightly floaty types with dilated pupils have volunteered to clean him up. Give him a good scrub. Lather him up and hose him down. Dutty dutty giant.

Yes, thirty volunteers are, well, volunteering to get down on bended knee to restore the giant who has recently been a weedy shadow of his former self, to his past glory.

But who is this nudey hillside chap? Legend, or rumour, or wifey’s tale has it that the chalky not chewy giant is a fertility aid and can we just take this moment to say that when we visited him and sat cosy on his left bollock, we did feel a slight tingle down below. Was it that Leigh lines or summink or nuffink were having their mystical effect on our downstairs business, or was it that the local lad was noshing us off at the time? Who knows.

Click through to see more pics of the giant and his famous package – which has been used to advertise Armani, Gillette, Vodafone, Police, Adidas and erm… Sharpie marker pens. Oh wait, that’s David Beckham.

When Fathers 4 Justice painted his purple head purple…

Giant purple headed giant


Other famous genitalia. We hate that word.
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2 comments to “My, my what a big club you have”

  1. I like his nipps. Giant’s not Beckham’s.

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  2. That giant is looking very surprised by all the attention!

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