‘Ooh dahling, has it gone 4 o’clock (well actually 5 o’clock but who’s counting?) and we’ve not had a fash-related sing-a-long?’

David styles out the bunny-look

With all the excitement of London Fashion week, Sarah Brown’s fash-pack reception and semi-naked models by the bucketload we couldn’t resist uploading a vid of Mr. Bowie’s ‘Fashion’ for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently the masterful Bowie wanted to ‘move on a little from that Ray Davies concept of fashion, to suggest more of a gritted teeth determination’. Yep, that’s what we thought too.

We’re particularly enjoying the 80s open-shirt and legwarmer combo. And check out the white leggings (and bulge) on that dancer. Ooh, ‘Fashion!’ We like.

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