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The Fag Hag has had more stiffy action this week than a Jeff Stryker rom com. First there was Roberta De Niro stiffy, which saw the Fag Hag sashaying up the red carpet to attend the premiere of Righteous Kill.

The ‘citing thing about Righteous Kill is that it’s a rare chance to see Al Pacino and Roberta De Niro grunting and waving guns around in the very same movie, film fact fans! Which would have been great if the boys didn’t look like they were about to have a coronary every time they broke into a jog. And if they would both stop using Clairol 01 Raven on their hair.

But the Fag Hag didn’t let that stop her drinking the drink, and gasping with excitement as Roberta De Niro walked up some stairs in a green polo neck to wave before walking straight into his car again.

And as for stiffy number 2?…

A Wallpaper magazine bash to celebrate the new guest edited issues. Held where? At Paramount of course, the new private members club situated at the top of Centre Point, in the heart of London’s glittering methadone alley. What can I tell ya? Well the decor was all a little MDF Extreme makeover on account of it all being temporary like for the party until Tom Dixon gets in and finishes what he started, but it’s here, it’s high, it’s utterly stylish and fab, get used to it.

And the 360 degree view from the 31st floor bar? Even trumps the one from behind my personal trainer when he’s doing squat thrusts.

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  1. You had no chance. De Niro prefers black girls.

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