The SATC film: part deux

Oooooh, 'tis pretty.

They’re back! On the very day that the brand new shiny DVD of the first Sex and the City movie is released, we can tell you, not-so-exclusively, that SJP and co. are set to star in the sequel. If we were being cynical (which of course we never are) we would say that this is just a way to squeeze even more out of the girls and their sex love lives. It’s finished people, get over it.

But we’re not really the cynical types to be honest. In light of the VERY exciting news we got to thinking (in an SJP kinda way)…

– Will Sam-Smith get back together? Do we want them to?

– Will Carrie and Mr. Big (real name John. See, we know things) have a baby or is she too old? Honey, that body clock’s ticking.

– Will they film in London like thems that like to talk about these things have been saying?

And lots of other really insightful questions. One thing’s for sure, making one of those prequel things wouldn’t be a good idea. Far too much airbrushing and all that.

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