Oops George did it again.


First off, that picture. Enough of? Can’t get.

Secondly, crack? Oh Georgina. Now we aint gonna go all Judge Judy on your crack (totally excuse the pun. That just came to us. Literally. In fact, we’re thrilled), but crack?

Trois-ly: We’re absolutely loving in a *traces sad tear down face* the reporting of this whole business by the red tops. You can imagine. ‘Seedy’ this, ‘gay’ that, ‘kebab shop’ something else. One or less of those may not be true.

Another one: Some people may not actually be aware of what we’re going on about. The succinct version is: George Michaels was cottaging (see ‘tea rooms’ for our American friends) in some public loos in London’s glittering Hampstead on Friday night; ‘concerned’ loo attendant calls police; police nab him; he just so happens to have crack on him; gets told off, etc. and blah.

We’re particularly loving this bit of George’s statement: ‘(I want to) say sorry to everybody else – just for boring them.’

We’re also particularly loving this statement from, and we quote, ‘a fan’, as reported in the Daily Mirror: ‘Smoking weed is one thing, getting involved with something as addictive and destructive as crack is another altogether. I can’t believe he’s sunk this low.’ There are unconfirmed reports that this said ‘fan’ is in fact the work experience. Or just the journalist who wrote the piece.

In conclusion: Just stick to poppers, Georgia. They’re all the rage. And make fantastic room odorisers.

Ooh, now read what our beloved Fag Hag has to say on the matter… s’magic.


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  1. Jesus, has he turned ugly, or what?

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